In case some of you wanted to get lost int the middle of nowhere, out of your boss or customers reach, consider using the app I just released.

Try GPXLAB now

It is an online GPX track editor. GPX is a common format for sharing track data to follow with GPS devices, car or bike navigation, etc. It’s the first version, so the interface is a bit shit and not everything works yet as expected but can route some tracks already. Best to use on large screen like a laptop, but should be usable enough on a smartphone and tablet too. You can import and export GPX, route new tracks with some profiles to choose from. Track can be displayed on OpenStreetMap, topographic and satellite map.

Built for those who like to explore. Adventurers, hikers, bikers, offroaders, overlanders and anyone who want to travel the world off the beaten path. Thanks in advance for testing and suggestions what can be improved. Hope you like it.

Lukasz Cepowski

Hi! I'm the person behind Los Koderos. Tech stuff aside, love riding motorbikes, 4x4, offroading, exploring outdoors, cooking and tinkering with other DIY projects. Based in Krakow, Poland.