Question is not what is Moo, but why is Moo?

There is time that every PHP developer has to create its own framework. Most of them are crap, this one is no exception.

Check out Moo GitHub repository.

So, Moo, the framework, is a spawn of PHP evil created for making life and debugging miserable. It took a couple of hours to create, but can take days to find out what and why works or does not. Like most microframeworks, Moo is quite close to HTTP world, made of bunch of pure PHP classes with no external dependencies. Just router, request, response, boom done.

Of course, it would be easier, faster and wiser to just use any other off shelf framework, but there it is, Moo!

Why Moo?

Why not.

Why use Moo?

Seriously, for 99% of time you should not use this framework. Don’t do it for sake of yours and other developers wellbeing and mental health.

The only exception to that I can think of, is when you consider using raw .php scripts somewhere on a server. If that is the case, Moo can actually be useful.

Looking for some decent PHP framework? Go learn Symfony, Laravel or anything that actually has any community around. This one does not have any. Actually, you can try writing your own micro framework, just like Moo to learn and validate your PHP skills.

Hello World

$moo = new Moo\Moo();

$moo->get('/', function () {
    return "Hello, this is Moo!";



The source code and documentation can be found in Moo GitHub repository.

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