GPS Track Editor

Draw GPS tracks to most remote places on Earth.
Route between points of interests and export data to your GPS navigation device. With GPXLAB you can plan your next outdoor adventure.

Available for Android and iPhone / iPad.



Automated Website Screenshots

Miniature is an API to capture screenshots of other websites at cloud scale. Served millions of images since 2011.


Open Source

  • Moo
    Moo is a PHP micro framework to make life and debugging miserable.

    GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is a de facto standard file format for sharing GPS tracks in the travel/adventure/overland circles. The library contains a GPX reader and writer allowing you to easily work with GPX files in PHP applications.

  • Faktura PHP
    Faktura in polish means invoice and this library is created to render pretty invoices in PHP.

  • Rabarbar
    Rabarbar is a simple website screenshot utility based on Qt Web Engine (Chromium), created for